Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baulanga: Hey Kaala

'Baulanga' means the Baul Corpus in Bengali; these traditional songs, lyrics braiding one to the other, do not admit to easy demarcation of authorship.

The singer Parvati Baul tells us that the composer is an unknown Muslim fakir from Bangladesh, who describes the last few moments of Radha’s life, just before she walks into the dark waters of Yamuna river, mistaking it to be the Dark One, her beloved Krishna.

The lyrics are translated in subtitles.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jigar: Dil Burd Az Man Deeroz Shaame

Jigar Muradabadi had a clear sense of the eeriness of power-exchange,  recalling the cold cruelty of the words Khusrau put in the mouth of Beloved:

Guftam ke houri yaa pari, guftaa ke man shaah-e butaan
Guftam ke Khusrao naatavaan, guftaa parastaar-e-man ast

Said I: 'Art Thou houri or fairy?' said S/He: 'The King of Idols.'
Said I: 'Khusrau is helpless.'  the reply: 'Worship Me.'

Here's a piece of Jigar's qalam in Farsi - Dil-burd az man deeroz shaame:

Dil burd az man deeroz shaame,
Fitna taraze mahshar khirame.

Bewitched my bosom, evening past
Sweet intriguer, Doomsday's stalk.

Roo-e-mubeen'ash subh-e-tajjala
Lauh-e-zabeen'ash mah-e-tamame

Face of Clarity, Morn of Crowns
Tablet of forehead, the Moon around

Mushki-khat-e-oo sumbul-ba-gulshan
Laali-labe-oo baada-ba-jaame

Fragrance Her letters, frailty of vine
Red are Her lips, gateway to wine

Aa’n teghe abru wa’n teere mishga’n,
Aamada har yak bar qatl aame.

Swords arched brows, lashes arrows,
With all else needed, to kill or harrow.

Gahe ba masti taus raqsaa’n,
Gahe ba shokhi aahu khirame.

Often ecstatic, peacock dancing,
Often playful, as deer prancing.

Az jisme larza’n, larza’n do aalam,
Waz zulfe barham, barham nizame.

Shivers body, shiver both worlds,
Locks fall loose, apart comes Order.

Aariz che aariz gesu che gesu,
Subhe che subhe shaame che shaame.

Cheek to cheek, lock to lock
Dawn to dawn, night to night.

Guftam che joi gufta dilo jaa’n,
Guftam che khwahi gufta ghulame.

Asked I of Love “Seek'st Thou what?",
Replied Destroyer: "Slaves, else naught."

Below, Abdullah Manzoor, Makhmoor Niazi Qawwal & Party present the qalam of Jigar (in a snippet within a longer rendition of Mere Bane Ki Baat Na Poochho.)

Yeh ishq nahin aasaan bus itna samajh leejiye,
Ik aag ka daria hai aur doob ke jaana hai

This Love is no easy affair; you might as well understand
It as a river of Fire, one that you must swim immersed, to cross.