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Jami: Chooma Hai Dar

Nur ud-Dīn abd-ar-Rahmān Jāmī (Persian: نورالدین عبدالرحمن جامی‎) (1414 – 1492) was the greatest Persian poet of the 15th century.

Below, Mehmood ul Hassan Ashrafi performs Jami's naatiya qalam:

चूमा है दर अर्ज़-ओ-समाँ ताबाँ तुई ताबाँ तुई 
रश्क-ए-मलक नूर-ए-खुदा इंसाँ तुई इंसाँ तुई 

Kiss thine doorstep earth and sky; the glow thou, glow thou!
Covet of angels, light of God; (the perfect) man thou, man thou!

रोशन-ए-रूयत दो जहाँ अक्स-ए-रुखत ख़ुर्शीद-ओ-माँ 
ऐ नूर-ए-ज़ात-ए-गिबरिया रख़्शाँ तुई रख़्शाँ तुई

Two worlds illuminated by thine blessed face, sun-moon thine countenance
O Light of the Lord Almighty!  the luster thou, luster thou!

आयात-ए-क़ुरान अब्रुयत तफ़सीर-ए-क़ुरान गेसुयत 
ऐ रूह-ए-तू क़ुरान-ए-मां ईमाँ तुई ईमाँ तुई 

Thy eyebrows [the beauty of] verses of the Quran,  thy hair [the vigor of]  exegesis of the Quran
Thy soul is our Quran; [the foundation] of faith thou,  faith thou!

या मुस्तफ़ा या मुज्तबा ईरहम लना ईरहम लना
दश्त-ए-मां बेचारा-रा दामाँ तुई दामाँ तुई

O chosen one! O elected one! Have mercy on us
Our hands find nothing to cling; haven thou, haven thou!

मन आसियम मन आज़जम मन बेक़सम हाल-ए-मरा 
या शफ़ी-ए-रोज़-ए-जज़ा पुरसाँ तुई पुरसाँ तुई

I am a sinner, I am weak, I am helpless -- such is my fate
O Intercessor on the Day of Recompense! the savior thou, savior thou!

जामी रवत अज़ चश्म-ए-मां जलवा-नुमा बेहर-ए-खुदा 
जान-ओ-दिलम हर दो फ़िदा जानाँ तुई जानाँ तुई |

Jami with his own eyes saw, magic-like, the ocean of God
His life and soul are both for thee; the essence thou, essence thou!

Na`at (Arabic: نعت‎) is poetry that specifically praises the prophet Muhammad. The practice is popular in India, commonly in Urdu. People who recite Naat are known as Naat Khua'an. In addition to Jami's verse, traditional verses from Arab, Indian and Quranic tradition are woven in:

सरे-ला-मकां से तलब हुई, सू-ए-मुनतहा वह चले नबी 
कोई हद है उनके उरूज की, बलघल उला बी कमालिही

From that place of no houses come the Summons, On that path of excellence there goes the Exalted
Can there be a limit to his ascent? He who reached the highest place by his Perfection

मेरा दीन अम्बर वारसी, बखुदा के इश्क़-ए-मुहम्मदी 
मेरा ज़िक्र-ओ-फ़िक्र है बस यहीँ, सल्लू अलैहे व आलिही 

My religion is Ambar Warsi, I am Mohammedan by reason of Love of God
My practice and concern is only this. Send blessings to him and his family.

(Hazrat Ambar Shah Warsi of Ajmer, was the Sufi saint who initiated Ghulam Sabri.)

ऐ मज़हर-ए-नूर-ए-खुदा बलघल उला बी कमालिही 
मौला अली मुश्किल कुशा क़शाफद्दुजा बी जमालिही

O manifestation of the Light of God! He who reached the highest place by his perfection.
Maula Ali! slayer of problems! He removed darkness by his beauty.

हसनैन जाने फ़ातिमा हसुनत जमीओ ख़िसालिही 
यानि मुहम्मद मुस्तफ़ा … सल्लू अलैहे व आलिही |

Of the two goods, life of Fatima! Beautiful are all his attainments
Therefore Muhammad is the chosen one. Send blessings to him and his family.

(Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, was the wife of  'Ali, and mother of Hassan and Hussain. Hassan means good, Hasnain is plural of Hassan - the two Hassans or the two goods.)

Here is another version by Badar Miandad Qawwal & Party:

Finally, the traditional Sare La Makaan See Talab Hui can be heard below:

Jami was also an outstanding theologian of the school of ibn-Arabi, as well as a prominent historian and Khwājagānī Sũfī, who analyzed the metaphysics of Mercy. He was recognized for his repartee and the crispness of his verse.

चूमा है दर अर्ज़-ओ-समाँ ताबाँ तुई ताबाँ तुई
रश्क-ए-मलक नूर-ए-खुदा इंसाँ तुई इंसाँ तुई |

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