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Niyaz: Mamoor Ho Raha Hai

Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmed (1742-1834) is said to have been descended from 'Ali (via the royals of Bukhara) and lived around Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. HIs followers are the Niyazi Sufis.

Below, the Sabri brothers perform qalam-e-Niyaz in qawwali, from an old UNESCO collection of 1975.

मामूर हो रहा है आलम में नूर तेरा
अज़ माहताब माहि, सब है ज़हूर तेरा

Becoming abundant in all universe is the light of Thee
The Moon, this Life, all are but manifestations of Thee.

इसरार-ए-अहमदी से आगाह हो सो जाने
तू नूर हर शरार है, हर संग-ए-तूर तेरा

Secrets of the Praiser (Muhammad) are to none but Thee known
Thou light of every spark, every flint-stone of Thee.

हर आँख तक रही है, तेरे ही मुहँ को प्यारे
हर कान में हूँ पाता, शोर-ए-ज़हूर तेरा

To every eye has been, only Thy face beloved
In every ear is known, that abundance shout of Thee.

जब जी में ये समाया जो कुछ है, सो तू है
फिर दिल से कब दूर हो कुर्ब-ओ-हज़ूर तेरा

When soul's convinced that whatever is, is Thou
Then how can from heart far be presence of Thee.

भाता नहीं है वाइज़ जुज़ दीद-ए-हक़ मुझे कुछ
तुझको रहे मुबारक हूर-ओ-क़सूर तेरा

Like not I sermons on Only-Truth, O Preacher!
Welcome thou to keep virgin-and-sin for thee

वहदत के हैं ये जलवे नक्श-ओ-निगार कुसरत
गर सिर्र-ए-मरिफत को पावे शऊर तेरा

Magic of creation revealed to eye - that is Oneness
If only wisdom could decipher the Truth of Thee.

गर हर्फ़-ए-बेनियाज़ी सरज़द 'नियाज़' से हो
पुतले में ख़ाक के है, प्यारे गुरूर तेरा |

Were letters-of-unyearning to come from this Niyaz (Yearner)
Twould only be, 'cause proud is this clay-toy's Love for Thee.

Niyaz lived roughly at the time Muslim rule was being replaced by the British - say the Sirajuddaula-to-Bentinck span of Indian history. Note the repudiation of 'mine-is-the-only-Truth' ulema who, then as now, came bearing the promise of virgins-of-paradise as well as the threat of monotheistic original-sin:

भाता नहीं है वाइज़ जुज़ दीद-ए-हक़ मुझे कुछ
तुझको रहे मुबारक हूर-ओ-क़सूर तेरा |

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